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Bristlebrush Quarantine Statement for Clients

Attention Customs Officer: Manufacturers Declaration

The products that you are inspecting by Bristlebrush Designs are made from the Buri Palm Tree, also known as the Corpha Elata, the other items used on some products are Corn Husk and Abaca.

All fibres are separated and first bleached in a solution of 93% clean water, 5% Hydrogen Peroxide and 2% Sodium Silicate for a period of 8 hours at 100 degrees Celsius. The fibre is then kiln dried at 85 degrees Celsius for 8 hours to ensure there are no live insects or contaminants. Any small wooden components are soaked in wood preservative chemical for 8 hours and then also kiln dried for 8 hours.

Once the products are manufactured they are treated by fumigation for 24 hours at 21 degrees Celsius and (NAP) 48g/m3 in a sealed room using Methyl Bromide (T9047). As an extra precaution they are also dry heat treated. (T9569) for 8 hours at 85 degrees Celsius. These treatments ensure that all of our products are bacteria and insect free and pose no threat of infestation etc upon entering other countries.

This method of approach is in accordance with Australian AQIS laws and Phytosanitary requirements in Australia. The above procedures are accurate to Australian Quarantine laws at the time of the preparation of this document.

Bristlebrush Designs will not be held responsible for any further treatments that may be required to the goods for the country to which they are being taken, namely in accordance with that countries Quarantine Laws.

 Kind Regards

Stephen Hall

Managing Director

BristleBrush story

All of our Bristlebrush animals are designed and developed  right here in Australia by talented and creative artists. Once the designs are complete the base manufacturing takes place overseas in the Philippines. Each animal is made from the Buri Palm. This  renewable source of palm is native to the Philippines and grows new, harvestable fronds every month! This makes our Bristlebrush products very environmentally sustainable.

The  stalks of the palms are first soaked in bleach, causing them to separate into a ver strong, yet relatively soft "bristle fibre". These fibres are then dried, cut and rolled around a central wire, creating a "Bristle Brush".

Once this process is complete, each Bristlebrush animal is then hand cut, hand painted and beautifully finished with eyes, wings, legs, feet and beaks made fron seeds, nuts, corn husk and light tree wood.