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Dog Shoes & Dog Socks

Dog socks sets are sold as a set of 4 socks. Lovely warm cotton socks with anti skid base. These socks have many uses.

Cotton socks can be used for protection of your dogs paws from grass seeds or other medical conditions.

Socks can also be used for prevention of:

  • scratching the elderly,
  • scratching wooden floors or
  • upholstery in your home or car

Socks available in 3 different colours and 4 different sizes

Small         25 x 60 mm
Medium     30 x 75 mm
Large        35 x 90 mm
X Large     40 x 110mm

DOG SHOES & Waterproof Pet socks.

Dog shoes are a great addition to your dogs wardrobe. They are a great for protection to your beloved friend - from chemicals, cold, heat, salt, grass seeds and infections.

Shoe can help protect your car upholstery, furniture and floors.

If your dog has a tendency to jump then add them when elderly visitors visit. Or if your dog has reoccurrence of paw infections, it will stop them licking there paws.

Also a great addition to their wardrobe just to look good.