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Waterproof Pet Socks

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Waterproof Pet Socks. Great for use for all purposes indoor or outdoor use. Non slip socks can be worn outdoors or on wet grass.

Socks can be used to prevent grass seeds, eczema, infections and protection from sunburn feet from hot pavements.  It will also help if your dog has anxiety and licks it feet.

Cotton socks with silicone outer. Each sock has a garter that help secure the sock to each leg.

Available in 2  Colours and 7 sizes
Size.   H.    W
0.     35mm x 28mm
1.      39mm x 32mm
2.     45mm x 37mm
3.     52mm x 43mm 
4.     60mm x 50mm
5.     68mm x 56mm
6.     80mm x 66mm