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Linii Huon Pine

Linii Huon Pine

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Bag of 285 grams. For Cats, Dogs, Rabbit, Guinea pigs, Birds, Chickens Ferrets and Mice.

Tasmanian's have known the power of Huon Pine to deter fleas and mites in cats, dogs, avian and small animal bedding for decades.

Now is the time for you to discover it power and help keep your pets happy and healthy.

Just empty the contents  of this bag into your pet's bed OR make several small holes in the inner bag and place the entire bag inside the bed.

If using for animals that require frequent bedding changes, just dispose of soiled Huon Pine and put a handful in with new hay or shredded paper as required.  


It's a powerful odour absorbent in homes and cars, and makes a wonderful carpet freshener too.


The Huon Pine Lagarostrobos Franklinii is Australia’s oldest  living tree and is one of the oldest living organisms on earth.
Only found on the Wild West Coast of Tasmania, and no  longer  logged.  It is a carefully regulated  resource.​

People in Tasmania have known the power of Huon Pine to  deter parasites and pests in cupboards, pet beds and  personnel  spaces for decades.​

A beautiful and practical product, that will make you feel like  you are in the Tasmanian Rain Forest.
​Secure your piece of nature’s best while you still can.

Fleas, ticks, silverfish,  and mites hate Huon Pine.

Pour the contents of the packet into the Jute bag and pull the strings together, pop it in a sock draw, linen cupboard , storage suitcase, sports bag, blanket box or even in the kids soft toy collection.

Silverfish and Moths Hate Huon pine.  But .............YOU Will LOVE IT.

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