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Didgeridoonas Oilskin Waterproof Dog Raincoat - Available in sizes XXS to XXL

Oilskin Dog Raincoat


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The Sherpa Dog Coat is lined with Sherpa fleece, named for the Sherpa people of the Himalayas. It’s cold there. It’s not cold inside the coat. Plus, the coat’s outside is Australian oilskin which will keep him dry as well as warm.

The coat closes with two Velcro straps and comes in a wide bunch of sizes (just like our dogs & Puppies).


  • Australian oilskin repels water and keeps Puppies & Dogss dry.
  • Lined with Sherpa fleece, it will keep your dog warm and happy.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps and wide bunch of sizes will help get the perfect fit on most dogs.

Didgeridoona Oilskin Dog Raincoat - Size and Measurements


You may be interested to check out Doggie’s Waterhole.  Its puppy waterproof dog bowl, that rolls up to fit in your palm. The outside is oilskin; it’s tough and won’t mind a bit of mud or dirt. The inside is rot resistant, waterproof PVC so if you give it a good clean when you get home you need not worry about mould.

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