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Personalised Pet Collars

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Personalised Embroidered Dog Collars

Quality dog collars made from ribbed spun polyester webbing with your pet’s name and your contact number machine-embroidered on.

Collar Sizes –

xs (eg. puppies, mini pinschers, chihuahua) 20-30cm, 10mm wide $22.00

Small (eg. Mini Foxies, Maltese, toy poodle) 25-35cm, 12mm wide $24.00

Short Medium (eg. Jack Russells, Pugs) 25-35cm, 19mm wide $27.00

Medium( eg. Kelpies, Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, English Staffy) 35-45cm, 19mm wide $30.00

Large ( eg. Labrador, Cattle Dog, Larger Border Collies, Boxer) 45-60cm, 25mm wide $32.00

Colours – Check Pet Colour availability in your Pet Collar size

Stitching Colours available are:

Black, White, Green, Rd, Dark Blue

Sky Blue, purple, pink, yellow or orange

If you would like to purchase a Collar please Email: Charlie and Chums



Collar Colour

Name of Pet

Phone Number:

Stitching Colour.

Order should be in writhin a week.