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Pet Memorial Grave Marker Cross

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We understand the importance of providing all beloved creatures with a dignified passing, and honouring their memory.
We have created this unique and enchanting garden memorial stake especially for animal lovers to enjoy as a lasting tribute to their treasured pet. Embellished with a paw print nestled amongst beautiful orchids, this cross has been lovingly designed to blend harmoniously into any favourite landscape, to serve as a dedicated pet memorial.
This charming and rustic cross is an ideal gift to offer somebody grieving the loss of a much loved cat or dog, and we very much hope that this bespoke garden marker brings comfort and fond memories to anybody who has the pleasure of receiving one.
  • Affordable and unique, this beautiful cross is the perfect way to create a lasting tribute to a beloved cat or dog, whilst comforting the family left behind.
  • Made from weatherproof poly resin, this elegant and durable memorial garden marker is embellished with a paw print nestled amongst beautiful orchids, and inscribed with the words “Beautiful memories treasured forever of the special times we shared together, faithful companion until the end, rest in peace - farewell my friend”.
  • Featuring a naturally formed stone finish, this unique garden stake has been lovingly designed by the Orchid Valley team to blend harmoniously with any landscape, and is an ideal comforting gift to offer a bereaved friend or relative with paw prints on their heart.
  • Symbolic of cats and dogs, the paw print on this bespoke cross makes it an ideal garden marker to indicate the final resting place or memorial site for these understandably much loved animals. (For other pets, an almost identical alternative product free of specific animal prints and accompanied by a blank, self adhesive plaque, is also available from Orchid Valley.)
  • The cross stands 30cm tall, has a thickness of 1.2cm, measures 19cm across the broadest point, and is provided with a 13cm stake. To assemble this garden marker, simply screw the stake provided gently but securely into the base of the cross, and then position as desired by pressing the stake into firm ground until the cross base is level with the surface of the earth.