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Puppy Tales Mug Collection - By Ashdene

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Beautiful and fun Puppy Tales collection by Ashdene. 11 different  mugs each with wonderful saying to keep. Each mug is of can shape and is made from Fine Bone China.

Beagle - Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail.

Golden Retriever - Dogs leave paw prints on your heart.

Labrador - A Dogs wags it tail with its heart.

Jack Russell Terrier - Home is where the Dog is.

German Shepherd - First they steal your heart then they steal your bed.

Whippet - When I needed a hand I found a paw.

Groodle - Life isn’t perfect but my dog is.

King Charles Cavalier - Dog Hair is my Glitter.

French Bulldog - Dog kisses fix everything.

Border Collie - If I cant bring my dog I am not going!

Dachshund - Be the person your dog thinks you are.