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Rawhide Variety Pack of 10 Beef Chews

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Rawhide Chews - for teeth and dental health & Gums

Dogs love to chew, and Yours Droolly Chews have a treat to suit all dog sizes, breeds and agaves. Our Chews are long lasting 100% nature, high in protein, love in fat and totally delicious. Rawhide Che’s help improve dental health by acting like a toothbrush for dogs. Their chewing action and the chews abrasive texture scrapes away plaque and helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

  • Chen’s teeth
  • Freshens breath.Satisfies natural chewing urges.keeps dogs busy and out of mischief
  • suitable for all puppies and dogs

IMPORTANT:  Choose treat appropriate for your dog’s size. Supervise pet’s treat time. Remove treat when it is small enough to be swallowed whole, or when dogs are to be left alone. Always have prenty of fresh , clean water available.

STORAGE: store in a cool, dry place.