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Reusable Food Bags by IOCO

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Reusable Food Bags  with Zip locks - ELIMINATE one use PLASTIC in your life.

Available in Flat and Standing packs. 6 Bags in each pack. Great for carry dog/cat/pet treats rather than using plastic.

The IOco Reusable Food Bags truely allows you to be PLASTIC FREE in both the kitchen and at work / school. 

When introducing these reusable bags with the IOco Food Covers, there is zero need to ever buy and use Kling Wrap or plastic bags ever again.

The average family uses per year:

  • 24 rolls of plastic wrap       Cost approx. $90 per year
  • 1000 plastic bags.               Cost approx. $200 per year                                   


                                                      Cost approx. $290 per year  

If you were to roll out 24 rolls of plastic wrap and lay out 1000 plastic bags, it would cover over one third of a football field. A lot of plastic to clog up our water ways, killing the wildlife, and sitting in the ground, never to breakdown in our lifetime.

And the financial cost, once you start using the  IOco reusable Food Bags - Set of 6 ($27.95 - $29.95) with the IOco Food Covers - Set of 6 ( $24.95), you save on average $235 per year!

WIN WIN with a happy ending :)

  • Set of 6 Flat Bags
  •    -  2 x small   12cm x 12cm
  •    -  2 x Medium   21cm x 9.5cm
  •    -  2 x Large    21cm x 16cm
  • Food Grade PEVA
  • Travel Friendly
  • Freezer Safe
  • Reusable
  • Water tight Zip Lock