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SlingGuard - Luxury Delux Car Seat Protector

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  • 1.5 cm thick for luxurious comfort and stability
  • Easy to install 
  • Universal fit for cars, trucks and SUV’s 
  • Fully Reversible 
  • Machine Washable – Non static - hair/dirt wipes off by hand
  • Multiple configurations – back seat cover, pet hammock, single car seat basket and cargo/boot protector 
  • Hammock style prevents your pet falling 
  • Side flaps protect the side of your car when your pet jumps in; when zipped up, hair and dirt are contained 
  • Luxury faux fur and padding helps to reduce dogs’ anxiety 
  • Two seat belt openings 
  • Stays firm in place so pets do not slip or slide around 
  • Triple layer construction with double stitched buckles and heavy duty non-slip zips 

I as the owner of Charlie & Chums can personally vouch for the Slingguard - Luxury delux car seat protector. I have had one for over 2 year now and it is used often. The Car protector is still going strong with no signs of wear. This is why I want to sell the car protectors in my store because I love a great product that lasts.


We believe strongly in the quality of SLINGGUARD.  We’ve poured our hearts and souls into it!  And we confidently back it with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied, we're not satisfied – so just return your SLINGGUARD to us in its original packaging within 30 days of purchase, and we'll refund your money. We would like to know why you are dissatisfied, so that we can make our product even better in the future!

The straps, clips and materials are guaranteed for a year for normal wear and tear – but not against chewing.


 SLINGGUARD has been designed to be a styled accessory for your car.  It is made of quality luxurious fabric which compliments all interiors.  It ensures that either your back car seat or your boot has protection from damage by animals, transporting goods or small children.


SLINGGUARD has been designed to fit the majority of cars – big or small – sedans / hatchbacks /  wagons / 4WDs.

There is an Australian Standard for the size of a back seat.  To make back seats seem bigger - the doors flare out to make more room for people when sitting side by side.  As the sides of the SLINGGUARD zip up to form a boxed hammock, it doesn't matter how far away the door is because your dog is confined within this area.

If your sedan has back headrests as a formed part of your backseat ie the headrests are not a separate part, it can sometimes be a little difficult to fit the straps around securely.  Call us on 0413 386 188 so we can help you

Otherwise – it will always fit in seconds - no matter the size or style of your car.

 IMPORTANT :  The clips work one way only - this is because they are designed to be extra strong.  Please ensure that the curved sides fit together for full strength.


You no longer need waste your time having your car specially detailed or cleaned as often in order to get rid of pet grime and fur from your back seat and carpets.