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Think Outside Barnyard Butterfly

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Each Barnyard Ulysses and Gerata butterfly  is skillfully handmade from recycled 44 gallon oil drum and creatively crafted with a touch of cheer and vibrant colour, creating a transforming effect on your living spaces.

Each butterfly comes with a Stake to place in garden.

The workmanship and attention to detail that goes into every piece ensures that they are built to last in any climate, and because it is crafted by hand, you can be sure it is a stunning one of a kind.

(Hence colours vary on each sculpture)

Ulysses H 12.cm x W 30cm x D 28.5cm

Box 32cm x 31cm x 18cm

Gerata H 10cm x W 21 cm x D 19cm

Box  W 38.5cm x D 31cm H 15cm