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Travel Accessories - Bamboo Smoothie Lid

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Our all-natural bamboo lid, bamboo straw and cleaner not only look stunning, but also seal your smoothies tightly, so no spills and easily hand washable. Join us in the war on waste and do your bit without compromising on taste. 
IOco Bamboo Smoothie Lid – one size fits all - 8oz, 12oz & 16oz IOco All Glass Travellers
Say NO to landfill and join our sustainable community.
Take your IOco Bamboo Smoothie Lid with a IOco All Glass Traveller to your favourite local café or juice bar and fill it with any creation. Smoothies, juices, iced tea or coffee; even a cheeky cocktail? The IOco Bamboo Smoothie Lid combines style & function with an eco-conscience.
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