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Double ended lead 1.5cm Long by Black Dog

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Double Ended Lead 1.5m - Strong/ Short - Stainless Steel - NEW

Stainless - Strong Double Ended Lead - 25mm wide, 1.5m long & has 3 x stainless D Rings along the lead's shaft.

25mm HD Stainless Steel Snap Hook on each end.  An extremaly versatile lead design. 

**This new lead length has been requested by our customers due to the popularity of the other Double - Ended Leads.

**Now we have a Strong Double Ended Lead able to handle those dogs With The Extra Large Balance Harness (also available packaged together for a great bundle price)

This lead has 2 strong Stainless Steel Snaps, so it is can be used on strong dogs, yet the snaps are not overly heavy which might cause issues if used with a Head Halter.  The Stainless components, mean this lead is ideal for dogs who spend lots of time at the beach, or near salt water, the lead should still be rinsed frequently to prevent salt cloging any components, but they will not rust.

The lead is length adjustable and can also be used as a temporary tether - Care should always be exercised when tethering a dog, to make sure the dog is safe and supervised, that pathways are not restricted by the tethered dog (not all people are comfortable near dogs) and keep in mind that an agitated dog could easily chew through the lead to escape.