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Hypro Puppy Turk & Lamb

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Hypro Premium is proudly Australian made, using only the finest ingredients sourced from local Australian farmers. These ingredients and superfoods are balanced with optimal nutritional ratios, to support the dietary needs of an energetic young puppy. For growing puppies, Hypro Premium can provide an essential source of energy as well as aiding immune system development.

Premium Puppy Food

When it comes to puppy food, there are many choices on the market. What’s the difference, for example, between off-the-shelf puppy dry food and premium puppy food? Premium puppy food such as Hypro Premium has many nutritional benefits, and will give your furry friend the nutrients they need most—especially in their early years.

Premium puppy food can aid cell maintenance and overall growth, as well as maintaining healthy skin and a shiny, soft coat. This is because it includes high amounts of healthy fats, oils, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, without any artificial colours or flavours. In particular, essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 can be found in Hypro Premium Turkey & Lamb kibble; it is key in eye and brain development, especially for cute little puppies.

One key ingredient is emu oil: which has anti-inflammatory properties and supports joint health. Hypro Premium also includes superfoods and natural antioxidants to boost immunity, including: peas, carrot, spinach, alfalfa, tomato, blueberry, cranberry and apple. Our puppy dry dog food recipes exceed AAFCO standards, offering holistic nutritional integrity.

Grain Free Puppy Food

Hypro Premium’s entire line of products—including our Turkey & Lamb puppy dog food—is gluten and grain free. This is important for dogs of all ages, including puppies, as grain has been linked to allergies later in life. Grain free puppy food keeps your dog fuller for longer, and is all-natural, free from fillers, flavourings, additives, preservatives and artificial colours.

Since Hypro Premium’s dry puppy food is grain free, we've replaced these harmful grain by-products with high quality turkey and lamb. In addition to this protein, our kibble includes carbohydrates, essential amino acids—and we employ strict quality control, so you can rest assured that your puppy’s meals contain no nasties!

Turkey & Lamb Benefits

Dogs love the taste of turkey and lamb, and both have many nutritional benefits when found in puppy dog food. At Hypro Premium, we use real turkey and lamb sourced here in Australia. Together, these meats bring balance to your puppy’s diet; dogs can't get all of their protein in one place after all! Hypro Premium crafts cuts of turkey and lamb into a mouth-watering kibble, which has a range of positive effects on your pet’s overall wellbeing. For example: protein plays a vital role in growing, healing and maintaining your puppy’s muscles, skin, fur coats, and immune system.