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Aussie Man Hands - The Apprentice Exfoliating Natural Soap Bar

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Not quite ready for the hardcore BOSS scrub soap? The Apprentice scrub bar still gets your hands clean, but it's not quite as extreme as the BOSS. A Great gift for Fathers Day, Christmas or Birthday or just a gift.

The Apprentice is a natural, handmade soap to scrub and lather the dirt and grime from a hard days work right off.

This isn't like those nasty scrub soaps that strip the natural oils from your hands along with the dirt, then leaves them feeling dry.

The Apprentice is chock full of good stuff: olive and coconut oil, scented with peppermint, frankincense and peru balsam with ground macadamia shells to scrub the dirt off.

This soap is as kind to your conscience as it is to your hands, being naturally vegan, never tested on animals (except the tradie kind) and free from sulfates and palm oil.

The Apprentice will leave your hands fresh and clean. 


Saponified olive and coconut oil, Frankincense, Peru Balsam and Peppermint essential oils, sodium lactate, sodium gluconate, ground macadamia nut shell