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The Wild - Essential Plant health Kit - Mini

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A mini version of our Essential Kit, great gift pack. 

  • 3 mini essentials for complete plant care.  
  • Ideal option for new plant parents with 1-2 plants. 
  • Won’t shock plants or burn roots; safe to use year-round. 
  • All products are certified organic, pet safe, Australian made & scientifically backed

Great for those with budding green thumbs with only 1-2 plants, plant keeping newbies, those who want to trial the product or gift givers for bundling up with the perfect desk plant. 

How do you use it? 

All of our products have QR codes that direct you to product instructions. You can find our guides here:
OR check out our learning resources or book a training session. 

What plants can you use it on?

These products can be used on all plants; indoor, outdoor, in pots or in the garden. The Protect Spray contains Neem oil; whilst Neem is used across the world in many horticultural settings, Australian legislation advises against the use of it on edible plants.

Includes: Grow 5mL, Protect 15mL, Support 30g. 

Australian Made and Owned.